Today a chat with a guardian at school led to talking about grades, lessons and school activities to graduation and class rings. Now I am trying to remember if we had a class ring when we graduated way back in college. I most probably thought not, we might not have gotten a class ring just like those I have seen from this website that makes school memories last forever they say. They can make a school ring for you no matter when you graduated. I came across that site a few weeks ago as I was searching online for a ring design for a friend who is an officer of a known organization. She had been tasked recently to look for a ring for the members of their known organization.

I do remember my dad used to have a huge ring that I would often borrow and wear loose in my finger many years ago. I do remember now also our stolen weddings rings. I am waiting for the husband to approve if we can get another set of wedding band. I don’t know with him if he is even interested in getting those replaced in the first place.

Sun’s Halo


It is interesting to know how the kids at school got amazed at seeing the sun’s halo today. I have seen the sun having a halo many times in this lifetime. For some adults and not just kids, it was quite interesting to know it was their first time to see this natural phenomenon.

It was also interesting to hear the stories of the kids in the school grounds a few of which started talking about Mars covering the sun, a UFO up there, aliens coming and landing on earth and other fascinating stuff out of their mind and imagination. Well kids are kids. Sooner or later, they will know the facts about and behind this kind of natural phenomenon that did not happen just today but had happened many times before.

Though if you look at the photo taken there is a small circular object on the on the lower left of the sun that was highlighted by a pink light. I haven’t tuned in to the news yet or read online about today’s buzz on the sun’s halo.

It was fun after all seeing the excitement and amazement of adults and kids especially when I showed them this photo I took earlier before their lunch break.


Music School

My friend was looking for a good music school that she can enroll her grandson in so he can learn to play the piano during the week without affecting his studies and school schedule. She was hoping the school or classes will be conducted in a place near their home only. I have thought of two nearby music schools that she may inquire in and I have heard a few mommies who have also enrolled their kids in those two music schools.

She became busy recently since she is working in a school also. I recall she was kind of looking for a synthesizer and keyboard sequencer for their production team in a school play that she thought they will Join now. She was even asking me in case I get to visit or pass by those two music schools and I could inquire for her instead.

I do remember just now that there is another school that I can recommend but it is definitely far away from their place. Unless she is willing to go through traffic at the bridge in the city that is being repaired until now, I know her grandson will learn fast there. Or perhaps the idea of getting a personal music teacher to come to their home during weekend can be an option too.


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