It has has been quite awhile since I bought a shirt for myself. I am not really into shopping for clothes yet I like to do some online window shopping as I call it in various online stores and even on Instagram accounts of many online sellers of clothes.

Last night while I was waiting for the husband to come home, I was looking into some online stores that sells clothes and apparel. I found some nice womens t shirt which i enjoyed browsing until the hubby came home. I like some of the shirts in there since I have been looking for new shirts to wear to school in the coming school year which means another 10 months of mommy duties at school. I plan to find another time to look for more choices of shirts and see if I will find myself buying a shirt or two.


My little guy came home from the summer bible school’s first day with a DIY guitar with a silver pick which he happily showed to me and his dad. It was quite a coincidence that I was looking into those … where you can now have rhythm and lead in one controllable pick! It has a multi-gauge design which immediately gives you the exact gauge you want. Lets you alternate pick gauge while playing, adding dynamic expression to any style of music as they said it will.

My lil guy was extra cautious so as not to lose the pick of his DIY guitar that was made in school. He was particular that it does not get lost otherwise he said he won’t be able to play the guitar anymore. Well I just didn’t say it that we can always buy another pick. I guess that particular guitar pick was like no other he had ever seen.


Waiting for the celebrities and the show from the TV5 for Araw ng Dabaw celebration to start….

We were going down the mall coming from CBTL at The Peak for the summer open house and lunch after at Chicken Charlie, we saw this crowd of people waiting for the show to start at 3PM. Hubby and I felt the urgency to go home and so we did not wait to see who the celebrities are. One I know is Daniel Matsunaga who I met at Tokyo Tokyo in Abreeza when it was just newly opened here in the city. Hubby did mention his name. We need to go home immediately and with the little guy with us, I wanted to avoid the crowd in the malls. The people were still waiting for the show to start as we left the mall. Hope they enjoyed the show….

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