Music School

My friend was looking for a good music school that she can enroll her grandson in so he can learn to play the piano during the week without affecting his studies and school schedule. She was hoping the school or classes will be conducted in a place near their home only. I have thought of two nearby music schools that she may inquire in and I have heard a few mommies who have also enrolled their kids in those two music schools.

She became busy recently since she is working in a school also. I recall she was kind of looking for a synthesizer and keyboard sequencer for their production team in a school play that she thought they will Join now. She was even asking me in case I get to visit or pass by those two music schools and I could inquire for her instead.

I do remember just now that there is another school that I can recommend but it is definitely far away from their place. Unless she is willing to go through traffic at the bridge in the city that is being repaired until now, I know her grandson will learn fast there. Or perhaps the idea of getting a personal music teacher to come to their home during weekend can be an option too.


New Walking Buddies

To de-stress today, I brought the husband with me after we came from school to check my little guy during school lunch. He eats lunch totally on his own now since the start of this school year as he had requested us and I think it is a good way for him to learn being independent and more responsible. Anyway, after school lunch since we still have more than two hours to spare before fetching him once again today, we walked our way to the nearest mall. It was drizzling yet we each have an umbrella so we just walked charged to daily physical activity and exercise.

Hubby had promised for quite sometime that he will buy me a new pair of walking shoes for daily use. (more…)


There are times the last few days that hubby and I would feel sleepy during the day which is quite unusual since the days before that we would normally not feel that sleepy at all. But since two days ago, I can’t help but lie down and have a nap for it seems that my eyes have a mind of its own and just want to shut down. We have been drinking coffee to try to fight the drowsiness yet we still feel like sleeping.

I even wanted to have that 40 blinks sleep mask contoured for pressure-free, smudge-free eye comfort. That lightweight sleep mask features adjustable elastic straps with velcro fasteners and can be hand washed. Yes you can now relax or sleep anywhere, anytime even at the school waiting shed while waiting for the break from class of our little guy.

I even just woke up from a short nap but had work to do now so I just have to postpone sleep until later perhaps. To be honest, I really want to sleep longer and I don’t know why my body craves for more sleep these days when I was expecting to be more sleepy last week. Well I just have to find a way to manage this now that there are things that must be done, awake!

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