School Break

A week-long school break is up ahead and I was thinking today what if we could make use of these days for my dear little guy to learn a musical instrument. We were watching Ms. Jay teaching and practicing students in the prep level for a school program presentation. I was interested in letting my little guy take up a lesson with Ms. Jay after seeing her play the drum set. The young kid she was teaching made it look so easy making me more interested actually. I think a small drum set fit for young kids can still be quite expensive. I was thinking of checking it out online and see if I can find it at the online store where I recently found the p90 guitar that my friend’s son was interested in. Anyway, we still have to save up for it.

The school break is coming up this weekend. I am just praying we could enjoy it as much as we want to. So many plans yet so little time to do all within a week’s time. What’s important is that we can take a breather for a week from our daily busy sked involving school related activities.

Early at the Supermarket


A snapshot of the supermarket a few days ago when we went in early. We went in as soon as it opened. It was still quiet and there were very few people there at this time. The mall area was still closed as the supermarket now opens an hour before the mall opens. This supermarket has renovated and expanded their grocery area making it bigger to accommodate more shoppers especially that the holiday season is coming. It is also good that they have upgraded their display shelves replacing the old dirty white ones with new yet darker shelves.

The shoppers though while we’re happy with the new changes, initially found it hard to find the lanes of the stuff they wanted to buy as the arrangement had changed. It took awhile and people were mostly asking others who also haven’t familiarized themselves with the new arrangement too, where they could find stuff they’re looking for. Now am more familiar with the new arrangement after a few days of coming back here while waiting for time to fetch my little guy at school.

They also added more new counters. Given the coming holiday season it is good that they are now ready. I hope the cashiers though work faster to make it more efficient and serve the purpose of why they expanded to make customers shopping more convenient and faster for them to transact at the cashier counter. This supermarket and mall is indeed improving their mall well. Competition indeed makes it good for malls like this to push itself to improve to keep their regular customers coming back to shop more often.


Today a chat with a guardian at school led to talking about grades, lessons and school activities to graduation and class rings. Now I am trying to remember if we had a class ring when we graduated way back in college. I most probably thought not, we might not have gotten a class ring just like those I have seen from this website that makes school memories last forever they say. They can make a school ring for you no matter when you graduated. I came across that site a few weeks ago as I was searching online for a ring design for a friend who is an officer of a known organization. She had been tasked recently to look for a ring for the members of their known organization.

I do remember my dad used to have a huge ring that I would often borrow and wear loose in my finger many years ago. I do remember now also our stolen weddings rings. I am waiting for the husband to approve if we can get another set of wedding band. I don’t know with him if he is even interested in getting those replaced in the first place.

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