It’s been on the news that people had been shopping and shopping with the discounts given during Thanksgiving sales here and there plus the Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday too. It was interesting how we saw people on TV had quite a day of shopping and those people grabbing stuff from other people just to get the stuff that they want to shop and buy on sale.

I had been doing some window shopping online recently and while I was on that I had a chance to have a quick online chat with one of my friends who now lives in California. She was doing her own online shopping and we talked about her experience during the Black Friday sale in the favorite store that they went to. She got a few stuff that was on her wish list this year on a good discount deal. We also talked about the Money Back Guarantee offered by one of the stores they shopped online where they need to have an item replaced because it was quite defective and her daughter was asking her if they could send it back. I think they were able to settle that with the store they got the stuff from.

I have not done much of any Christmas shopping yet. I am waiting for that extra budget from my boss hoping he will grant it in the week to come. We still need to do some shopping for very important basic stuff this weekend. I am praying for more blessings so we can do more shopping this Christmas. I do know the heavens will provide.

First Sunday of Advent 2014


Today is the first Sunday of Advent 2014.

Time flies and we’re officially in the season of Advent and we celebrate the merriest month as we count the days till it is Christmas! I am happy that we get to celebrate Sunday mass with the husband as we waited for him to come home from work today.

Today we lighted the first of the four candles representing the four weeks of the Advent season. We pray and thank God for all the wonderful blessings he continues to shower and grant us in our daily lives.

I am so looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my boys, my parents and my family’s families. Yes you may say moms like me are looking forward too to the Christmas break from school of our kids. The next 24 days will be good and I constantly pray for God’s continued blessings for us and so with His guidance and protection for us during the season of Advent. May we share the joy to our family and loved ones who had been there for us through and through.

God bless us all!

School Break

A week-long school break is up ahead and I was thinking today what if we could make use of these days for my dear little guy to learn a musical instrument. We were watching Ms. Jay teaching and practicing students in the prep level for a school program presentation. I was interested in letting my little guy take up a lesson with Ms. Jay after seeing her play the drum set. The young kid she was teaching made it look so easy making me more interested actually. I think a small drum set fit for young kids can still be quite expensive. I was thinking of checking it out online and see if I can find it at the online store where I recently found the p90 guitar that my friend’s son was interested in. Anyway, we still have to save up for it.

The school break is coming up this weekend. I am just praying we could enjoy it as much as we want to. So many plans yet so little time to do all within a week’s time. What’s important is that we can take a breather for a week from our daily busy sked involving school related activities.

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